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CFB is the Nation's Largest FREE Business Referral Network of active and retired FIRST RESPONDERS and their spouses that own or operate businesses outside of their public safety careers. The Network includes Police Officers, Firefighters, Correctional Officers, FBI Agents and other related agencies. CFB is FREE for First Responders to register their businesses and it is FREE for First Responders and the Public to use the network for locating products and services.


We are excited to launch the new website for Cops & Firefighters with Businesses. Updated and upgraded for Nationwide expansion. "Build it and they will come" is a great quote from the 1989 Kevin Costner movie "Field of Dreams", But we need to do more than that to grow. We need to support each other. Pass it on, "Pay it Forward". The Network is FREE to all. Please share it with all your co-workers, friends and relatives. Join us on Linked In, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Send our info to all your contacts. Let's Help each other GROW!

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